Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.                                                                       Henry David Thoreau.
This is the quotation that is on the wall of the office my husband and I share.  I love it. Now, to dream. To dare to speak or write or think a dream. If it is not imagined, or dreamed, it will not happen. That's fact. 

A goal is fine and dandy, but it lays dormant until the action begins. So, to merely dream is not, in itself, quite enough. You must put it into action. The action word is Go.

2012 was a year of change for my family. Huge change. The only things that didn't change were our house and the number in our family.

The year began with a change in vocation for my husband. This brought with it a change of location for him as well. Later in the year we had other changes, including a return to work for me, as well as a change in school for the kids. At the close of the year, I said goodbye to my stamping business that I had been doing for 8 1/2 years, with the anticipation of the new adventure that is ahead. A blessed change was when my husband decided that temporary homes inside semi-trucks weren't suited to family life and he explored other options. A fit was found late in the year and he is now working from home again (sharing an office with me, no less!) and loving it. The kids love having their dad home 7 days a week, instead of just 3, and I am especially grateful for the long term blessings this new adventure will bring to our family. More of this adventure in future posts.

2013 has begun. We are determined, united, confident, ambitious, focused, and able to make 2013 an amazing and rewarding year. All these things are possible, not only because we dream and dare to put action behind our goals, but also, and most importantly, because of the strength we find in Jesus.

Mr. Thoreau may have provided some inspiration in the form of a quote on my wall, but it is by the grace and strength of God that we can face and conquer change, dare to dream, live the desires of our hearts and share our abundance with others. 

I can do ALL THINGS through Him who 
gives me strength. 
                                                                         Philippians 4:13

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