Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was on the job hunt, again, and how I was striving to trust God and believe that his ways are always higher than mine. The post is HERE if you want to read it.

Last year, when I applied for a teaching position, I got a job. Not exactly the job I was applying for, but a position, nonetheless. One of the areas I have been teaching this past year is Kindergarten music. It has been so much fun, and I have been given daily rewards of hugs and smiles and children willing and ready to learn the new music I teach them.

A few weeks ago, a part-time Kindergarten classroom position was posted. I applied for this new position, and I got it!!!! Looking back at this year, (my first year back after going on maternity leave, 10 years ago) I see how teaching the K music classes this year has begun to prepare me for teaching my very own K class, next year. If I had been given full time my first year back, I would have survived, but I'm sure it would have been more overwhelming than my 26%! This smaller position that I am currently teaching has allowed me to fully enjoy each class that I teach, without feeling overwhelmed at jumping back into a working role. I have been able to ease my family into the idea of me returning to work because it was not full time. My kids have never known me as a working mom. Now, they have felt it for a year and they like it. I feel so blessed to be able to teach at the school my children attend. My kids don't see me at the school as a "teacher" any differently than they did when I was at their school so often as a "mom".

I got to meet the new Kindergarten kids, yesterday. I don't know which ones will be in my class, yet, but I will get to teach all of them since I will continue with Kindergarten music.

As this year wraps up, I am excited about all that has been accomplished. I just wrote the Kindergarten Music report cards and as I looked at each name, I smiled. Each one is an individual and a gem. One thing that I have been wishing all year long is that I could have spent more time with these kids. My wish and prayer has come true. Next year, not only will I get to teach all 70 kindergarteners in music, I will get the joy of spending 2.5 days a week with a group of 15-20 of them that I can call my own!

I feel very blessed.

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