Friday, May 3, 2013

My Birthday

I'm not 29, but someone wished me a Happy 29th, yesterday. Yesterday was my birthday, but when someone says "Happy 29th" you can almost guarantee that the person receiving the wishes is NOT 29. I'm not that far off, but my age starts with a different number than 2.

I was born at 7:10 in the morning, so I decided that was a pretty good time to get up on your birthday. I hit snooze twice, so I actually got out of bed at 7:28. That's an even better time to get out of bed on your birthday. 

It was a good birthday. I worked most of the day, and a few people actually read the note on the staff room whiteboard that said it was my birthday. Those people said "Happy Birthday" to me. No, I didn't write the note myself!

Steve and the kids sang for me in the morning. I should have taken a picture of the breakfast in bed that they made me. Or, more precisely, breakfast "on the bed". I was already getting ready by the time it arrived, so they just set the tray down on the bed and told me to hurry up and come and see the surprise they had for me. Breakfast consisted of:

     * 1 piece of peanut butter and honey bread (we just got a new toaster oven because the last one caught on fire, and the kids are still a bit afraid of using the new one. So, "cold toast" is usually what they pick to make).
     * 2 apples and 1 banana, placed on the plate in the shape of a happy face.
     * 1 glass of water. This almost spilled at least 4 times. I finally grabbed it off the tray and moved it.
     * 2 kids claiming that they did all the work to make the breakfast and 1 boy hanging his head to say he didn't get ready fast enough to be able to help. That was the boy I hugged first. I'm sure he was the instigator on something else great that I've received.
     * 1 napkin with "Happy Birthday Mom :)" written on it in a Sharpie.
     * 1 tea light candle as a birthday gift.
     * 1 fabulous necklace (that I'm wearing in the photo below) which was from Steve and the kids. 

Not that I'm counting, or anything, but I got 123 birthday wishes on Facebook, 51 "likes" on the birthday picture I posted (same as shown here), at least 3 phone calls, 5 cards, 6 hugs, 4 texts and 2 emails. I felt very loved. After we left for school, Steve took off to go trucking to Alberta for a few days, so the kids and I were alone for my b-day dinner. They wanted to go out to Red Robin. I didn't. They wanted to go out to Boston Pizza. I didn't. They said they didn't CARE where they went, but "shouldn't we go out for your birthday, mom?!!" I didn't know if sitting in a restaurant with 3 kids after a day at work was really a birthday reward. But then, my oldest said, "Mom, think about it... do you REALLY want to cook dinner on your birthday?" No, I didn't. So, we stopped at Subway and bought a few subs, and decided that we would watch a movie together... even though it wasn't Family Movie Night, and it was **gasp!** a school night. We watched the movie: We Bought a Zoo.

I made a cake. (Totally scrumptious... here is the link to the recipe on Pinterest. You WILL want to try this!) We all had the leftovers in our school lunches today!

All these things, put together, made it a pretty great day. Plus, the sun was shining. My birthday falls at the beginning of the month, and there is an unwritten rule that you are supposed to celebrate for the rest of the month. So, when Steve gets home from trucking, there will be a date happening. Let the birthday continue!


  1. I like that comment, "Mom, think about it..." :)
    They know what strings to pull :) g

  2. Yes, he knows exactly what to say... made sense to me :)