Friday, August 12, 2016

Apple Pie

I have lost track of what day of summer we are on. But I have basically a full week left, and then I will start home visits with my new Kindergarten kids. The kids have 3 1/2 weeks left before school starts for them. We have been working hard on our house, cleaning carpets, swapping rooms around, sorting through S.T.U.F.F... So much stuff! But it is good to get that done. Once everything is tickety-boo I will do a post about our house.

Today my boys and I baked some pies. Elise was at a friend's house and she actually came home with some yummy brownies that the 2 of them (and her friend's mom!) baked. Delicious. When I left to get Elise, my pies were in the oven and thankfully the boys remembered to take them out when the timer went or else we would have a scene like in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" when the cakes for the Ladies Aid function caught on fire and the fire department was called. So glad that didn't happen!

First, the boys washed up a bunch of apples from my parents' tree. We got a big box from them when we were over on the island. Scott helped pick them. Earlier this week Todd helped me peel and cut some to make apple sauce and apple crisps for the freezer.

Todd is the expert peeler :)

Love this corer that came with the apple peeler.

Then, I pulled out my old scrapbook from the year 2000 for my Auntie Judy's crust recipe. Next year I will have rhubarb to make some delicious rhubarb pies, but this year my rhubarb is still too young since I just planted it this year and the best thing for rhubarb is to wait a year before harvesting it off.

I got Scott to mix this recipe together for the perfect pie crust!

Happy boy (this was not the first photo attempt... he was not feeling super photogenic today, so I had to say something to make him laugh and do a few takes!) And my go-to spices are Epicure's Apple Pie spice, and then sometimes some Cinnamon and Poudre Douce. All of these jars are almost done so I will add some more on with my next order. Epicure has changed the shape of its jars and now they are round instead of hexagon.

And, here you go...

A friend of mine posted a pie she made a few weeks ago with a sweet little heart on it. I thought that was cute so I added one, too!

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