Thursday, August 25, 2016

Granny and Grumpa

On our way home from camping last weekend we found a little surprise jewel along the road. An antique collection to match none other. A stop in your travels (or even make a special trip just for them) at Granny and Grumpa's is definitely worth your time. I suggest you give yourself at least 2 hours if you bring your kids, and more hours if you go without kids.

Here are some of the treasures we saw at Granny and Grumpa's. Don't worry - I have given only a small fraction of it away. There are HOURS of things to see.

So much history represented in these old wagons. Who did they carry, did they get into a gun fight, did they ever carry royalty... someone else's reality is now a piece in a museum.

A giant Potato Head. My class would sure love this!

Pianos everywhere!!

The kids loved these mall rides. They didn't even need to put in a quarter!!

Clever boy!!

An old float from the parade. Steve taught Scott how to hitchhike for this picture. I hope he never puts it into practice!

So... Much... Stuff!!!

And MORE stuff...

I think I could lose this boy there because there were so many fascinating corners full of interesting things to distract him! It is like the VV  Boutique, MCC, BFM and Storage Wars all rolled into one amazing treasure hunt!

As we drove up the driveway Elise said she had seen this on Canadian Pickers when she was watching TV with Papa. Sure enough, there was a sign that said they had been on that show.

Scott bought a rip stick there... so not all the treasures are old!!

Elise wanted this... I said no. But she had fun on it while we were there!

This is identical to the lunch pail I had growing up. I loved it because it was like a quilt. I even included it on a page in My Important Book that we wrote in grade 1.

Found some relatives, too!

You just never know what kind of treasure you will find around the next corner!

And just when we thought we had seen everything, Scott said there was another building. Wow! What a collection. Scott said that this little stop made his whole trip. He liked it way better than camping. I think it filled his love tank because he has the makings of a hoarder, too... or should I say collector!! haha!

Fun for everyone!

The most special moment came when Grumpa was wandering through a building and I asked him if his bells were for sale. He said some were. So I showed him this bell and I said I would like to buy it for my classroom. He said, ok, you can have that one. I asked how much. He said, I SAID you can have it! Thank you, Grumpa! You made my day :) My class is going to love it!

There you have it... I hope to go back to visit Granny and Grumpa again soon!! They have new treasures arriving every day.

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