Friday, August 9, 2013

10 Hours in Revelstoke

During the 2nd week in July, while my kids were on the Island at camp, I got to go along on a road trip with Steve. He drives truck during the Spring and Summer, and this is the second year he's had this job. I haven't been able to go along before since we have 3 kids and only 1 person can go with him at a time. The kids all got their turn last summer, and again this summer. When one kid is along, I am at home with the other two.

The first thing Steve said to me, as we packed up and left the house on the first day, was, "Don't call your bag 'luggage' because this is not a holiday. It's just a backpack with your stuff in it and we are on a working trip." I had to laugh at that. For me, 4 days on the road, with no kids, is definitely a holiday! I don't care if I have to sleep in the sleeper of a semi truck, or eat fast food. We left our Province - that's a holiday right there!

Our travels took us to Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge. Then, back through Calgary and homeward bound. On our way home, we stopped in Revelstoke, BC. What a beautiful place, right on the river. We had beautiful weather for our short, but sweet, stop. It was only a total of about 10 hours, with approximately 8 of them sleeping, but it was enough for me to feel the town's charm.

Dinner was at Denny's and breakfast the next morning was at McD's. Here is a quick look at this quaint town from my point of view at the edge of the highway.

We parked just West of the town in a large pull-out area. The trucks slowly started pulling in and stopping for the night, but it wasn't even close to being full.

The bridge is over 50 years old and, let me tell you, it SHAKES! After the stories of bridges falling down, in recent months, I was looking for my escape route the whole way over.

Right as we were crossing the bridge, we heard the train. I was able to capture a few pics of the train crossing right in front of us on the tracks parallel to where we were standing. I love the reflection on the water. We had such beautiful weather.

These next pictures almost made me sick to take... looking up while the bridge beneath your feet is swaying is not my idea of fun. But it made for some cool pictures, so I had to go for it!

 The sliver of the moon as we walked back to the truck after dinner. 

In the morning, we followed the trail under the bridge and I got some cool shots of the underside of the structure. Being below, you can really see the bridge moving when large trucks go over it. It is quite loud down there, as well.

The next picture happened right in front of us while we were having breakfast. I put a little news report on Facebook, so I will just copy and paste that...
This is Sarah, reporting LIVE, on the road, for the Kenworth news: Everyone who was anyone, in Revelstoke, was at the local McDonald's this morning and witnessed the chase and arrest of 2 guys. Handcuffs and everything. 2 police vehicles - the first officer called for backup. What could it be? Stolen car? DUI? Drugs? (they kept pulling more stuff out of the car) The old men of the town even took turns doing a walkabout and coming back with more information of what they heard and saw up close! Pretty funny (I guess not for the 2 guys arrested, but from a passer through's point of view, I appreciated the collaborative efforts of the locals to get the story woven together!)

The story of "Woodenhead"! What a fun piece of history right here! The write-up is in the 2nd picture.


This was the sweetest picnic table I think I've ever seen. Heart cutouts in each end.

Finally, while other parts of our trip were sponsored by Tim Horton's, this sunny day, in Revelstoke, was definitely sponsored by McDonald's. They really do have great coffee - no joke, it's our favourite. At the end of the trip, Steve told me that it felt more like a holiday than his other trucking trips. He said that he felt less rushed (he rarely has a sit-down dinner like we did). We knew the kids were safe at my parents' and he had me along... he actually wanted this trip to last longer (his words, honest!).

Next time I am in the Revelstoke area, I would like to explore inside the town, not just the sights at the edge of the highway!

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