Thursday, August 8, 2013

Demolition Derby

This past Monday was BC Day. Every year on the the first weekend of August it is a long weekend, but it is also the local fair - Agrifair. We usually go at least one out of the 4 days each year. It's not too big of a fair, and there is always lots to see.

As we stood in line to pay our admission fee, a lady came up to us and asked if all our kids were under 11. I said yes, but I didn't know why she was asking. She told me that kids 10 and under are free. Bonus, I didn't know that!! But, then the real kicker was when she handed Steve and I each a ticket. She said, "This will get you in free, as well." Wow! Talk about a serendipity! It would have cost us $24.00 to get in.

The Demolition Derby was our main goal to see at the fair, but of course, there were other things that we really enjoyed as well.

Last week, our kids went to a VBS (Vacation Bible School) at a local church. It was all about Creation and dinosaurs, and they absolutely LOVED it!! The same people (Creation Truth Ministries) that put on the VBS were at the fair with all their dinosaurs! 

Next, we went to the car races and demolition derby. The first race was featuring the kids. They were great! This little cutie is only 5 years old and he won his race.

The Demolition derby events were broken down into different categories, according to the size of the cars. This Batman car was Elise's pick to win in this event.

My favourite was the Transformer, but neither one of our picks won. The winner of the small cars event was #61.

Oops!! This little pile up started the first fire of the day. A quick little spray with the fire extinguisher and the action was back on.

Here's the fire that stopped the event. Men came rushing out with fire extinguishers and had to work on it for quite awhile before they were satisfied that the fire was out. They even called in the loader to lift one car up so they could aim the fire extinguisher right at the fire underneath. Exciting stuff!! Eventually, the last 3 cars, that were still active, were allowed to continue to determine the winner.

The very last hit of the day, between these 2 orange beauties, decided the winner... #9, on the right took home bragging rights as winner of the derby. He also took home a very broken car!

We met up with our friends at the fair. Thanks for hanging out, J & K!

E got herself into a little bit of trouble...

I pulled out my camera and asked Scott to stop for a minute. He automatically smiled for the picture and then was a bit sad that I just wanted his shadow! haha!

Fun times at the fair... can't wait to go back next year for some more excitement. I feel like going for just half a day didn't give us enough time to take it all in. We might consider buying a weekend pass next year.

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  1. Sounded like fun! How nice of that lady to give you free tickets g :)